I’ve been a patient of Dr. Foley for the past 7 years through out 3 pregnancies, and I cannot rave about him enough. I am a mom of 5, and my first two labor and deliveries were in a different state with different doctors. The quality of care by comparison was nothing compared to what we’ve experienced with Dr Foley. I would rate Dr. Foley a 10/10 in terms of knowledge, experience, personality, and quality of care.
He has always made me feel comfortable and confident during my pregnancies, and his office staff has always been very responsive and helpful whenever I’ve need anything. His bed side manner is great- he has had my husband and I laughing during labor and delivery, and he is always a joy to talk to. I’ve always felt secure talking to him about health concerns, and he’s never dismissed any worries I have had. He always takes the time to hear us out and I am so thankful for it. He is a great advocate to have on your side during eBay can be a very hard 9 months of pregnancy. He is a very motivating, inspirational, and wonderful human being. I’m so thankful for him and his office for all that they do.
Natalie T.
I cannot give Dr. Foley enough praise and I wish I could take him & his staff with us when we move. After battling secondary infertility with my 2nd daughter, I know for certain that she is here because of all of the help we received from Dr. Foley.
After my first daughter was born in 2016, I felt as if my birthing experience had been taken away from me after I had to have a c-section due to a failed induction. It was as everyone imagines a c-section to be: cold, rushed, and unwelcoming as if it were just another procedure and not like a new life was being brought into the world. I expressed this to Dr. Foley and asked if he would be comfortable with me having a photographer in the OR; he was ecstatic. Fast forward to COVID shutting down the world, I was unable to have anyone other than my husband with me at the hospital and Dr. Foley, as well as Dr. Diamond (anesthesiologist), instructed my husband on what to take pictures of and I will forever have that memory of the whole OR staff singing happy birthday to my little girl. It renewed my birthing experience and I will always be grateful for that.
He never gave up on my situation and I appreciate his honesty, patience, and truly believe there is no one on the island that comes close to his level of care or expertise. He and his staff will always hold a special place in my heart.
Maggie P.
Choosing Dr. Foley for my Ob/Gyn was the best decision I’ve ever made. I was in search for a provider who could give me the care that I deserved. Seeing Dr. Foley for the first time I was pregnant with my oldest and I loved how I felt on my first visit. His staff was very kind and made you feel welcomed. I immediately felt comfortable. He shows that he cares for his patients. He makes sure that they’re well taken cares of. Dr. Foley also provides his number in case if you have an concerns or questions after his clinic hours. Whenever I was worried I’d text him and he will respond as quickly as he could. I also had an amazing birthing experience with all my pregnancies. I can go on and on with so many great things to say about Dr. Foley and his staff. I recommend choosing Dr. Foley as your provider. You will not be disappointed. I love the family vibe that is always given with Dr. Foley and his staff.
Tiarra T.
Where do I even begin!? Dr Foley was amazing from start to finish. We relocated here to Oahu when I was 32 weeks pregnant so to say I was stressed about changing doctors and being in a new place while so far along was an understatement. From my very first appointment with him, he had so much ease and confidence that it truly calmed me (as much as possible lol).
He was super thorough every appointment. He answered any question my husband or I had and more. He was personable and funny. He always knew when to crack jokes to alleviate some stress! His staff was also wonderful and super friendly.
He made my labor and delivery a piece of cake. He kept us calm and assured that everything was going perfectly and I didn’t doubt it for one minute as soon as I laid eyes on our baby girl.
Harper Jo is perfect and such an angel and we want to thank Dr. Foley for making our experience from start to finish amazing. We wish we’d be here for our second child so he could be my doctor and deliver them!
Kristin R.
Dr. Foley and staff made my first pregnancy such an amazing experience! I was nervous because I was pregnant with fraternal twins and had some complications; however, Dr. Foley was literally a phone call away! I’ve never had a dr who gave their cell phone number to a patient and told them to call or text with any questions or concerns.
Dr. Foley always responded and made sure my babies and I felt important. He made my birthing experience one of the most fun and memorable experiences as he kept me and everyone in the room laughing! He has the best bedside manner I’ve ever experienced from any physician. I couldn’t have asked for a better OBGYN! Dr. Foley is hands down the BEST DOCTOR EVER! We love you and appreciate you Dr. Foley!
Nicole S.